The Migration Museum Project plans to create the UK’s first dedicated Migration Museum and to tell the story of movement into and out of the UK in a really fresh and engaging way.

The museum will be an enquiry into who we are, where we came from and where we are going. Britons at home and abroad have a shared cultural history and an exciting future. We aim to represent the thrilling tales, the emotion and the history that have gone into shaping our national fabric; we aim to be the museum of all our stories.

In the short term we will build the Migration Museum through a range of exhibitions and events that we will hold across the country, and through an inspiring education programme. Together, these will contribute to the public debate about migration, opening up conversations and discussion about Britishness and belonging in a way that polarised media and political debates will never be able to do.

On this site you will find a detailed account of what we have achieved in the first three years of our existence and a record of all the events, activities and exhibitions that we have organised so far. You will also find opportunities for getting in touch with us, for commenting on what we are doing and for supporting us in our aims. We have come a long with in our short life, thanks in large measure to our generous sponsors and funders. Now we plan to spread our wings and take flight.

How We Got Here: The First Three Years

Migration Museum Project, February 2014

This report, created by the Migration Museum Project, documents our progress to date and our plans for the future. You can view the full report here:

Research published by IPPR

Read Dr Mary Stevens’ scoping research, Stories Old and New: Migration in the UK heritage sector here. Read the Migration Museum Working Group’s report A Moving Story: is there a case for a major museum of migration in the UK here.








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